Hi this is Leslie Harris. If you’ve been through what I’m going through, I’d really like your advice. My mom is aging, and it has been determined that she is no longer able to live on her own, much to her dismay. Fortunately, her doctors and my siblings and I all agreed that it is time.

As my mom continues to age, I find myself having to explain things more carefully to her. Sometimes I’m really patient with her, but often times, I find that I’m getting irritated. She also gets things mixed up. She will tell one thing to one of my siblings and tell me something completely opposite. Add to this, that my siblings and I are bickering about what is the best plan for our mom, so the lines of communication are tangled like a bowl of spaghetti.

Mom is coming to live close to my home, this coming Wednesday. I’m excited that Mom will be right down the street from me at a retirement community. But I’m also concerned about watching my mom deteriorate, and my ability to continue to support her in the most loving way possible.

Have you been through this? What advice do you have for me? Let me know in the comments.

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