I’ll Raise Your Cockroach One Litter Box.

Hey there, Leslie Harris here and Nick Jakusz recently wrote a blog about what you can do to ‘commemorate’your ex for Valentine’s Day. The Brookfield Zoo has hissing cockroaches, and for a donation, you can have one of them named after your ex. All proceeds go to Brookfield Zoo.

Well now an animal shelter in Lexington Kentucky has gone one step further. The program is called Dumps for the Dumped. For a $10 donation, the Lexington Humane society will write your ex’s name on the slip of paper and then leave it in a litter box for a cat to poop on it! All proceeds go to support the great work the Humane society does, so it’s a win-win!

You have until February 15th to get your ‘retro-poo-tion.’ Find out more about Dumps for the Dumped HERE