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Illinois REALLY Loves Beer

Did you know that consumers drank 26.6 gallons of beer and cider PER PERSON last year?!

It’s obvious that Americans love their beer, but a new report by Groupon shows us that some states are better than others when it comes to their love of the hops.

In fact, Illinois ranked fourth in the country when things like quality of beer, affordability of beer and enthusiasm for beer were factored in.

So who beat us out? Here are the top 5:

1) California
2) Colorado
3) Michigan (I do my fair share of beer drinking up there every July, so I know this to be true!)
4) Illinois
5) Massachusetts

What states might you want to avoid if you love beer? North Dakota, Hawaii, Kansas, Alaska, New Mexico and Delaware were ranked the worst beer states.

When it comes to beer, Nick Jakusz is usually the guy on our staff that you go to for advice, but I do have some favorites as well including: Two Brothers In The Flesh (if you’re a fan of sour beer, I highly recommend the Mango or Pineapple, if you can find it!), Penrose sours… or (technically) White Claw is considered a beer (I’d go for Black Cheery if I were you). Yummm!

Can you tell I’m a fan of sour beer? What are some of your beer favs? Let me know in the comments below.


Danielle Tufano

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