Illinois Tollway Ditching Hard Plastic Transponders for I-Pass Window Stickers

Soon, you’ll be able to ditch those hard plastic IPass transponder you have on your windshield. The Illinois Tollway will be rolling out new RFID sticker transponders in the coming weeks!

According to the Illinois Tollway, the stickers are smaller, require no batteries, are cheaper and easier to manufacture and ship, making them a better option. Other locations like Atlanta, California, Denver, Louisville and Washington state already use the sticker technology.

Unlike the current transponders, no deposit will be required for the stickers, and your $10 deposit for the old transponder will be moved to your current IPass account.

The stickers should be available at Illinois Tollway customer service locations, oases, and the tollway’s headquarters. They should be available at Jewel-Osco locations in February, as well as online.

You do not HAVE to get the stickers, at least not right away. The current plastic transponders will be operational until your unit expires. If you do switch to the stickers, you are asked to responsibly dispose of your current plastic transponder. The tollway will have a link on its website indicating businesses and recycling centers that will take used transponders. Customers also can return transponders to customer service centers.

Much like your license plate sticker, once you place it on your windshield, you will not be able to remove it. If removed, it will not be operational.