I’m Coaching My 4-year-old Son’s T-ball Team. Please Help.

I knew from the moment we found out we were having children that I’d eventually be a coach. I’ve never coached anything before. I have no intention of being a hardcore travel team coach or anything, but I just KNEW that I’d be a kids coach at some point.

That time has come.

If you have ever coached young kids – 4 to 7 year olds – I’d love for you to give me some advice! I did solicit for advice from some of my friends. Here are some of what I would assume is the best advice:

“Bang on the garbage can twice for the knuckleball.”

don’t suck!

The bathroom is behind the fence, or find a tree

Break them down first. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. Then build them back up. That’s how you make a team.

“There’s no crying in baseball.”

This league is an instructional league meant to just teach the basics of the game.

“First base is that way!”

“Stop digging a hole in the grass!”

“No chewing tobacco, Tommy!”

You know, things like that.

They don’t even keep score, they just want to make sure kids know how to swing a bat and start to fall in love with the game. I’m all in on that!

I’m hoping for a good group of parents who will either be super helpful, or at least super quiet.

If there is anything I need to know, please tell me!

First Time Coach