We all have them. Shelves and boxes full of DVDs of our favorite movies that, when clean up time rolls around, we just can’t part with. It’s nice to know that your favorite movies are always within reach, right?! But if you are like me, you haven’t watched a DVD is quite some time.

I’ve finally come to the realization that it’s time for DVDs to go. The tipping point came this morning when I saw that all of the Indiana Jones movies — one of my favorite franchises of all time — is now streaming on Netflix! I’m so excited!!!

But wait…why am I excited?! I have the dang DVDs literally on the shelf under my television! I can watch them whenever I want! So why am I all of a sudden so excited that they are now streaming on Netflix and I can watch them whenever I want?!

It’s ridiculous!

Bottom line, it’s time to get rid of all my DVDs because apparently if the movie isn’t streaming, I’m not going to watch it.

Except for Dumb and Dumber. I friggin’ love that movie.