I’m Terrified, and That’s a Good Thing!

Hi, Leslie Harris here. I once heard director say, if you’re nervous, that means you care. Tonight is the night that our improv show debuts at the Lincoln Center in Downers Grove, and I’m terrified!

We actually performed last night, and it went really well – people thought we were funny! And we didn’t evpen pay them to say that!

I have been part of the Off the Cuff improv troop for a couple of years now. Of course the pandemic sidelined us and we were unable to get together for a long time. Well, we’ve been back, practicing for several months and we are as ready as we’re ever going to be! YIKES!

I hope you will join me either tonight for a fun night of comedy, that also benefits The Grove Players. We’ll be at the Lincoln Center on on Maple Avenue in Downers Grove, and we start at 7:30 both nights. Get your tickets online HERE                                      (or at the door)