I posed the question on Facebook the other day, and the responses have been phenomenal!

My “only one do it” moment would be my Boss Lift experience in Wyoming in 2009. I was working for a station in Nebraska at the time, and the Army invited the bosses of their National Guard troops (along with media) to see what they do when they are training away from work (apparently many National Guard troops were getting fired for being away from work too much while they train…so dumb…anyway). They picked us up in a Chinook helicopter, flew us to the base in Wyoming where we got the tour. They then flew us to a shooting range to fire off a few rounds of their 50 cal machine gun, then flew us back to the base while winding through a deep ravine…totally surreal experience! I’m pretty sure I’m the only one on the River page to have done all of that…you know, unless you are a member of the military!