As celebrations start getting ramped up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex will be bringing one of my favorites, Duran Duran to join in on the celebrations.

On July 16, one of the best bands ever will host a concert at the Rocket Garden inside the visitor complex, which will follow the sold-out Apollo 50th Gala held at the complex.  It will be an out of this world kinda night for sure!

So in honor of this moment, I thought we could think about all the times that bright lunar ball has been mentioned in music.

Tonight I am going with a cover version of a classic.   This song has a lot of emotional ties for me … because although I love this version and play it all the time at home … my parents used to love the original version (King Harvest) … which is probably why I like the song so much … happy memories of them dancing together.

and in honor of the amazing Duran Duran playing at Kennedy Space Center … I have to post this one too… (truth be told … not my favorite Duran song … but still it deserves a mention!)