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In honor of the new baby Prince… name a song that somehow mentions Royalty.

So today was another exciting day in the world of British Royalty …With the birth of a new little Prince … I thought it would be fun to take a look at all the time royalty has been mentioned in music.  Of course there are some bands named after royalty … Queen, Prince, Kings of Leon etc. but let’s look at songs …. Initially I was going to go with Lorde’s Royals … I do love that track but then over the weekend I caught a rerun of that amazing documentary about Prince William and Prince Harry where they talk really openly about their dear mother Lady Diana.  (I think it was called Diana, Our Mother, her Life and her legacy … if you haven’t seen it then your should check it out.)   It shows the lovely relationship between Harry and Will and how the foundation their mother gave them in their early years helped them cope with the loss of their mother.  (Side Note …. I lose my mind every time I go through the grocery check out and see all the tabloids talking about the brothers falling out , or their marriages being in trouble or their wives not getting along.  If you know the history of Diana then it’s like the worst part of history repeating itself … please don’t buy those trashy magazines … they are so awful!)   Okay … got that off my chest so lets get back to the music challenge …

I went with this funny little ear worm.  Not the greatest song in the history of music … but it’s fun and it reminds of those two lovely brothers who happen to both be Princes.   So enjoy (and apologies if it gets stuck in your head!)

Now pop over to Facebook and let me know a song that mentions royalty in one way or another….

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