….In The Wake Of Some Of The News….

Last week I posted a blog on the History of Portillo’s. I know it’s not everyone’s favorite beef stop, but now it seems it’s an a awards winner and Portillo’s has put Chicago on the top of another travel award list. The latest list is that of TripAdvisor.com’s Travelers’ Choice awards for Restaurants. This year, the awards
recognize 75 of the nation’s restaurants across categories of fine dining, everyday dining (eateries that provide great meals for any occasion) and fast casual (high-quality meals at a great value to diners on the go). TripAdvisor says the winning restaurants are considered the “best-in-class,” determined using an algorithm that
took into account the quantity and quality of reviews for restaurants around the world, gathered over a 12-month period. When it came to fast casual, Portillo’s reigned
supreme. Touted as a “Chicago institution” by travelers, this food destination — the brainchild of Dick Portillo — was born in 1963 out of a 6-foot-by-12-foot trailer in the
parking lot of a Villa Park discount store and now touts 57 restaurants in seven states across the country…..


Cubs News Oh My….

Paul Goldschmidt goes to the Cardinals…..and prayers go out to a couple of Cub pitchers. Annual MVP candidate and new Cardinals first baseman Paul Goldschmidt slugs .750 with an on-base-plus-slugging percentage of 1.321 against Jon Lester, but hey, at least that solves the whole ugly can’t-throw-to-first-base thing…Goldschmidt Slugs 1.375 against Jose Quintana, but hey, at least that solves the whole ugly pitching-from-the-stretch thing…..Thanks to Steve Rosenbloom.


The Uptown Is Comin’ Back…

The door to the Uptown Theater swung open. Dan Rather laughed. And the faces of REO Speedwagon all lit up like Christmas trees. The juxtaposition of personalities — the famed anchorman was interviewing the Illinois band for his show “The Big
Interview” on Mark Cuban’s AXS-TV network at the shuttered Uptown Theatre on Monday was a tad surreal, especially since restoration has yet even to begin on the
Uptown. (Fear not, it soon will.) But the wow factor of this singular edifice doesn’t need new paint or plaster. Its lobby is already the coolest soundstage in the Midwest, just mostly undiscovered. Even though it was still dozing on Monday, the Uptown already was an entertainment district, all by itself. Kevin Cronin, the genial lead singer of REO, turned to Jerry Mickelson, the Uptown’s owner, whom he had not expected to see. “You’re re-opening this?” Cronin asked, grinning from ear to ear, his eyes drinking in the sight of just the lobby, as if he were downing a long, cold drink. “Put REO Speedwagon down on your list,” Cronin said, definitively. “We want to play here.” Mickelson bowed his head graciously. “We already have,” he said, “quite a list.”…….Thanks to Chris Jones





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