Inflation Easing? Tell That To The People Jacking Up Prices!

I was coming out of Jewel the other day and took a look at my car. It was quite dirty and since I had a little extra time I decided with the weather being so mild I’d get it washed. I’ve ben going to the Fuller’s Carwash west of Cass on Ogden for many years and liked the job the carwash did for $3. About a year and a half ago the price went up to $5 and I wrote it off to the pandemic and inflation. So yesterday I go and pay for my wash and come to find out the price is now $15. That’s a 300% increase since maybe 3 or 4 months ago. Inflation or price gouging? I see that overall inflation is coming down, but that prices are still going up! What’s up wit dat? For more see below.

Inflation Easing, Even If It Doesn’t Feel That Way.