Interested in the Paranormal? You’re in the Right Place!

Leslie Harris here, and a week or so ago, it was Paranormal Activity Day, and many of you shared some wild stories! I love hearing (or reading) them, and there’s a new study out that shows that Chicago is one of the best cities for paranormal activity!

A website called compared the 200 biggest US cities, using four categories. They looked at paranormal sightings, Bigfoot sightings, haunted sites and paranormal conventions and events. There were 14 metrics studied, and Chicago came in at number 3 in the US!

Los Angelos is number 1, and California is also the state where you are most likely to spot a UFO. Some of the worst cities for paranormal activity included Honolulu, Boise and Sioux Falls.

Here are the top 10:

Los Angeles

New York


San Diego

New Orleans


San Antonio



Las Vegas

Have you found any areas that have a lot of paranormal activity? Have you ever had any experiences while traveling? Tell me about your experiences in the Facebook comments