I wanted to bring back a piece I did about a month ago highlighting the changes coming (or maybe are already done?!) at the Fox Valley Mall. I’ll be broadcasting out there on Black Friday morning from 9:00-11:00, and I’m PUMPED to check out the progress made on their new “Central Park” concept right smack dab in the middle of the mall.

The “tree house” won’t be finished until later in 2020, but the outdoorsy space will be ready for all you Thanksgiving night and Black Friday shoppers!

Take a look at the mock artists mock up and interview below…and I’ll see if I can sneak in and get some behind-the-scenes photos later this week!

Parent company of Fox Valley Mall, Centennial Real Estate, is dropping around $7 million into a new renovation dubbed “Center Park.” Yes, contrary to poplar belief, investments are being made at our malls!

Fox Valley in Aurora will soon feature a outdoorsy type area with plenty of green space, Instagramble art on the walls (see video below!), comfortable seating, swings, games, and will feature a two-story tree house-like platform. It looks awesome!

If you visit the mall today, you can’t miss the construction. According to Scott Sampson, General Manager of Fox Valley Mall, the first floor renovations will be completed in time for a grand opening slated for evening of Thanksgiving (they will open at 6:00 p.m. for all you Black Friday shoppers). Phase II – a.k.a. the “tree house” phase – is set for a mid-2020 opening.

Nick went to the mall and had a conversation with Scott about what they have planned, how they landed on the tree house concept, the state of the industry, and what it’s like running a mall in today’s internet-based society.

Take a listen to Nick’s interview with Fox Valley GM Scott Sampson recorded live at the mall on October 9th. While that’s playing, take a look at the photos below!

It doesn’t look like much now…


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Nick’s on his way to investigate what’s going on at @foxvalleymall … stay tuned.

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…but here are some photos of what’s coming.

Art is going to be a part of this whole change, as well! Here’s some of the backstory!