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iPhone bug Allows You To Hear Someone Before They Answer Your FaceTime Call

A new bug has been discovered with FaceTime that will let people listen to the audio of the person they’re calling BEFORE the call is even accepted/rejected.

Um. What?

Some experts are saying that this bug impacts any device running iOS 12.1 or later (I am rejoicing my laziness that led me to keep ignoring the iOS update reminders that kept popping up on my phone).

So how does the bug work? Apparently you start a FaceTime call, swipe up from the bottom and click “Add Person.” Then you add your own phone number to the conversation and I guess FaceTime then allows you to hear audio from the other person’s device even if they haven’t accepted the call!


Yesterday, Apple said they will address the issue in an update “later this week.” However, until then, the only way to protect yourself is to go into SETTINGS, FACETIME and disabling the feature.

Thanks technology!

Danielle Tufano

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