Source: YouTube

Hybrid animals aren’t a crazy thing. I’ve heard of mules (donkey/horse). I’ve heard of ligers (lion/tiger). I’ve even heard of a beefalo (domestic cattle/bison). But here’s one that I’ve never heard of, and it’s perhaps strolling around Burr Ridge as you read this.

Say hello to the coywolf! As the name suggests, its a cross between an coyote and a wolf.

You can watch a PBS video about coywolves spotted in New York City from a few years ago (so apparently coywolves and human living together isn’t as new as I thought!).

BRPD says there may have been a coywolf spotted near 83rd and County Line Road.

Coyotes are pretty common around here, buy coywolves are extremely rare in Illinois!

They say coywolves are significantly larger than our everyday coyotes, about 55 lbs. heavier with longer legs. You may even mistake it for a German Shepard in low light situations.

Authorities say to keep your distance from these animals and call 911 if spotted.