I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed but not really surprised at what I found at my polling place this morning.


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I’m predicting a low voter turnout. #electionday

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I’m disappointed because I was voter number SEVEN this morning when I stopped to cast my ballot just before 8:30. SEVEN! There were more volunteers in the school gymnasium than people who have voted at that point.

These elections aren’t popular, but they could be the most important locally. We are voting for positions like city council, school board, and village boards and for local referendums. These are things that have more direct influence on our day-to-day lives than any other election.

It’s not surprising thought given the history of voter turn out for consolidated elections. The Herald News out of Joliet noted that the Will County Clerk predicts less than 20% voter turn out today, which is on par with the same type of election two years ago.

I hope you have a chance to darken those circles later today because decisions made in this election are very important. Get out there!