What can get me steamed?  Bad customer service…and bad customers.  Anyone else with me?

So yesterday I went to pick up a prescription at my pharmacy.  I was the only one in line…a couple was being helped by one of the people behind the counter…and the other person behind the counter was doing something on the computer.  VERY slowly.  I had to wait almost 10 minutes to be acknowledged and helped.  It gets worse.

I then gave them the info that all pharmacies seem to ask for…my birthday to find my account.  They always ask…so I thought I would save time.  But apparently the person wasn’t listening or chose not to…she was going to move at her pace, not mine, and asked for it anyway.  She then got my prescription.  The total…wrong total.  It had been the same price for 6 months…and this person had helped me MANY times before!

So I now have to download an app…to show her the price…and supply them with the info they have had for 6 months.   Which I do…and again…it takes them another 10 minutes to update info…that they have had!  I pay the bill after several steps to sign…enter pin number…etc.  I get my prescription…no thank you…no nothing.

For the record:  I never raised my voice, didn’t complain to the management.  I have worked in customer service for many years…and the customer is NOT always right.  But if it is obvious someone is just going through the motions and not engaging with the guests…doesn’t want to make me want to return…or in this case…just pray that this person isn’t the one working.  Thankfully I was not in a hurry…but I did leave annoyed.

Be polite as a guest…but it is also acceptable to be treated with a little more urgency and kindness.  Feel free to share your bad customer service stories below.  And if you see it…tell a manager.  Lets prove that customer service isn’t dead…and that we can be kind guests too!


~ Tim Thomas