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Is Danielle The Only One That Does This?

I definitely thought that I was the only person that did this, until I posted about it on social media yesterday and quickly realized that A LOT of people do it… mostly women.

I have a chapstick for just about every room in my home. I know it seems silly, but I hate the feeling of having chapped lips (especially in the winter), so I always want to be prepared. I even have a car chapstick.

Here is what I posted on FB yesterday:

I lost my bedroom chapstick, so I had to move my family room chapstick into the bedroom. Then I had to move my purse chapstick into the living room. Then I put my car chapstick in my purse for an event the other night.

I’m just saying. I’m happy to finally be home because I’ve been stressed out about my chapped lips all day and couldn’t do anything about it. You feel me?

Also, I need a new car chapstick.

I thought most people would think I was crazy, but just about everyone that commented (and there were dozens of them) totally felt my pain. So I guess that settles it… I’m not the only one that keeps a chapstick in every room of the house… and in my car… and in my purse.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

Danielle Tufano

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