Is Everyone Stupid? The Five Rules for Surviving in a Stupid World

Ever get the feeling that there are a LOT of stupid people in the world? You’re right. There are. And the world needs YOU to combat them.

A professor of economic history at the University of California, Berkeley, published an essay with five rules that we all need to survive in a stupid world. They are:

1. You’re underestimating just how many stupid people there are out there.

2. Anyone can be stupid, regardless of their job, income, or education level. No lie, I’m sure I’m one of them a lot of the time!

3. The best definition of a stupid person is someone who causes another person or people to lose something without gaining anything themselves . . . and maybe even losing something themselves.

4. You’re underestimating just how much damage stupid people are doing.

5. Stupid people are the most dangerous types of people.

So that’s bleak. And there’s really nothing we can do about all the stupid people.

What CAN you do? The best thing is to keep acting intelligently and making smart choices for you and the world . . . basically, to counteract all the stupidity.

So the issue for me here is we all have different definitions of what “intelligent choices” are! That means we will keep pulling on the rope in opposite directions until Armageddon. Hug your kids.

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