Is It Wrong?

Man this winter has turned on us in the past 3 weeks or so. Things had been reasonably mild and then Mother Nature turns her cold shoulder to February and we get whacked with snow, below zero temps, then more snow and of course more snow and now they’re talkin’ up to a foot of snow tomorrow!! This on top of a year of pandemic fatigue leaves me in a cloud of fog and looking for some relief. So I’m taking the reigns and gettin’ outta town this week. Warm temps, sunshine and the green of golf in Arizona has called my name and I’m answering. My buddy Don and I are headed to Tucson Thursday for a long weekend of golf, laughter and just plain hangin’ out, outside!  Remember outside? I don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging because that’s not my intent. I’m just in need of a getaway and I’m excited to get the hell outta town. I’m in that ramp up period of anticipation before leaving so bare with me and don’t hold it against me. I need this so don’t be mad be glad for me and I’ll try to bring some of that sunshine  and warmth back with me! 34 days till Spring!!