Is that anyplace to write a song???

It’s an age-old tradition to read while on the porcelain throne — books, magazines, newspapers.  But writing a hit song?  That’s the inspiration that Mike Campbell of the Heartbreakers was once struck by.  The guitarist revealed that he was able to compose Don Henley’s 1991 song, “The Heart of the Matter” while on the can.

In a new interview on The Moment podcast, Campbell says that he has guitars everywhere — even in the bathroom. And that is where the magic happened.

“I’m gonna be really honest with you — ‘Heart of the Matter’ … I got up.  I sat on the toilet first thing in the morning. I had a guitar on the wall.  And I was half-asleep, and I just went [strums opening chords],” Campbell revealed.

I must admit that my mind will go there whenever I hear that song in the future.  It’s now “marked”.