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Is The VHS Coming Back?

Everything old is new again and retro is certainly cool. With that in mind, buying media to watch in the comfort of your home will now pay tribute to its heyday.

The packaging on many classic movie releases and current day TV shows are getting the 1980s treatment, returning to the large box format of yore. You may remember these from your local video store shelves.

Fortunately, you won’t have to adjust the tracking or need to rewind, because inside will be the full digital quality DVD and Blu-Ray discs we’ve come to know and love. Thank God.

Sales of physical copies of video media have been steadily falling as streaming has taken over, but perhaps the throwback feel will cause people to rebuild their home library and media center collections.

I feel like most people don’t even have room to story anymore video media. Remember back in the day when everyone had a whole wall full of VHS tapes stored in their family room? Most people have cleared the clutter and watch videos on BluRay or through streaming. I don’t see this doing well… at all!

Danielle Tufano

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