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Is there an album that changed your life?

Hey, it’s Rich Dale here.  A book came out earlier this year, called Rock Stars on the Record: The Albums That Changed Their Lives.  It’s full of various rock stars’ musings on the albums that really made an impact on them.

Weird Al Yankovic mentioned an album that I can relate to — Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.  He said that, at age 14, this was the first “contemporary rock album” he bought and had previously only bought classical and comedy albums.  (What, no polka?)

On why he felt connected to Elton, Weird Al says, “I probably gravitated toward Elton because he played the piano, and since I played the accordion—the right half of which is a piano keyboard—it was fairly easy for me to emulate him.”

What was the first album you ever bought?  I think for me, it might have been Candida by Dawn.  (That was before Tony Orlando got top billing.)  The next one is probably more respectable — Paul and Linda McCartney’s Ram.  But cool factor notwithstanding, I still love both of those records.

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