Is There More Than One Way To Eat Mac And Cheese?

Well we all have our own little habits and ways of eating. What I mean is depending on what you are consuming. like say french fries, you may go about eating them differently than I would. Whether that means you select one and dip it in catsup or maybe ranch or barbecue or maybe just stuff a bunch of them plain in your pie hole, we all have our ways. Some people eat chicken, like a breast or a leg by cutting the meat from the bone and using a fork. Then of course there’s the old fashion way, grab a piece and have at it (my personal preference). Again there are many items that one can choose to eat either with utensils or by simply using ones hands. Their obviously are many ways to eat many things, bur when I saw this piece on how we’ve been eating mac and cheese the wrong way i felt compelled to share. Pay attention kids.

You’ve Been Eating Mac and Cheese the Wrong Way-Here’s How.