It is a fact of life…there are things you could do as a kid, or when you were younger…that you can’t do as an adult…or as you get older.  I will explain.

So my girlfriend and I went out Saturday night and we wanted to do something active.  Candidly I need more exercise so I was on board.  And I did something that I haven’t done for over 30 years…I went roller skating!

The Lombard Roller Rink was our destination.  I was given a choice to do this or go bowling.  I chose this.  I regret nothing…but I was really out of practice.  And yes…I did take a fall.  Luckily I only fell once.  But my balance was really poor.  Luckily for me, my girlfriend was a great teacher and helped me to get my bearings and it was a fun time.

I am closer to age 50 now than I am to age 40, and there are just some things I can’t really do anymore, or it just feels odd to do them.  Let me add a few to elaborate.

Can’t shop at Spencer’s anymore.

Physical Labor.  Well I can do a little…but not as long or as hard as I used to.

Rock Climbing…actually I have zero interest in doing this.   🙂

But I still would totally bungee jump or sky dive.  That is on my bucket list!

So what things or activities can you no longer do as an adult that you could do as a kid?  Feel free to share some suggestions…and as for roller skating…enjoy the video and see what I was able to avoid yesterday!

~ Tim Thomas