While this goes down as a simple ground out in the scorebook, it was anything but simple! It was hilarious! Can’t say I’ve ever seen a ground out with the first baseman and the catcher waiting at the bag!

The thing with the most impact on this play wasn’t the ball, or the players, but the famous (or infamous) Wrigly Field wind.

The Cardinals Kolten Wong is up to bat and he pops a foul ball off the first base side. He just stand at the plate, thinking that Anthony Rizzo or Wilson Contreras is going to catch the ball. But then the wind kicks in!

It blows the ball back into the field of play, bouncing off the dirt then into Rizzo’s glove who taps the base with his foot. Technically…a ground out.

The catcher beat the batter to the base!

Poor Kolten couldn’t even believe his eyes!

Let this be a lesson to you, kids! Always run it out!