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Is working from home wearing you out?

I had to come to terms with broadcasting from home, 60 shows ago.  While it worked effectively, it has started to become a little bit bothersome. If you are experiencing burnout from working at home, check out these tips.

As of today, I am supposed to be going back to the studios on Monday.  If all stays calm, I will get to broadcast from a professional studio instead of through my laptop, where I couldn’t even hear the actual broadcast or music from the station.  I would sit in silence, for the last 60 shows, waiting for Danielle to give me a “finger-cue” to start talking.  It has been kind of surreal but fairly easy to adjust to.

I am excited to go back but also am going to miss the comfort of my own home and of course the safety of it all.  I am a pretty neat-freak so I am not so worried about the conditions of the studio or catching the virus from anyone there because I will be the only one there.  Danielle and Jan will continue, for now, to broadcast from their home studios.  Our company has provided the best tools to keep things clean and have thoroughly disinfected the facility.

So, looking forward to it, but a bit nervous as well.  Hope I remember how to do it?



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