Is Your Doomscrolling Breeding Anxiety?

So here’s new term for ya! Doomscrolling! Ever heard it before? Yeah, me either, but it referrers to one incessantly scrolling though bottomless doom-and-gloom news for hours as you sink into a pool of despair. Happens anytime, but apparently before bed as your getting ready to end you day is a favorite time. Probably not the best of sleep enhancers. Me, I don’t go to my phone that much, at night, but then I’m a news junkie so I’m watching the stuff on TV. Anxiety seems to be something a lot of folks now just take as a normal part of their day and life. I do get upset and kvetch about certain things that come along, but I’m usually able to let them go at least by the next day. I don’t adhere to Xanax or other pharmaceuticals prescribed for depression or anxiety, but that’s just me. One should do what one needs to do to get by….within reason. If Doomscrolling is upsetting you…..simple answer! Just like the old joke “Doctor it hurts when I do that! Well then don’t do that”! You Know Just Stop Doing It!!

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