Is Your Tree Still Up? You’re In Good Company!

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and I really love holiday lights. I mean, I love any kind of lights, but this time of year, when it’s so dark and gloomy, I appreciate them even more.

I’m always late to taking my tree down, but this year, English heritage is actually telling people to leave the decorations up until Candlemas, which is February 2nd. This is what people in medieval times did, and English heritage is actually leaving up their own decorations at several locations throughout England, due to the state of the world.

Candlemas falls 40 days after Christmas and was observed as the official end of Christmas in medieval England. This day was historically the day that the church blessed the candles that would be used in the coming year, hence the name of Candlemas.

So leave those decorations up until February 2nd, and then replace them with Valentine’s Day lights! In these dark times, we need as much light as we can get.

If your lights are still up, please leave a picture of them in the comments.