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It doesn’t feel like Summer? Kids, Parents and the #1 beach annoyance!

We are going to be 10 degrees below average on this, the first day of Summer.  Although it is here, it really doesn’t feel much like summer but hopefully some of these Summer trends will get your head set for the warm, I mean, HOT days to come!

Parental Guilt Survey

A survey by Groupon reveals that parents want summer to end just 13 days after their children’s summer break starts. Other findings:

– 58% of parents feel pressure to entertain their kids during the summer.

– 75% of parents are ready for their kids to go back to school by the end of summer.

Kids Bored On Summer Break

A survey by Nickelodeon reveals that kids get bored just 10 days into their summer vacation. Other findings:

– 25% of kids get fed up with being told to clean their room

– 50% of parents look forward to their children returning to school in the fall

– 70% of parents find it difficult to keep their kids entertained during their summer break.

– 50% of parents try to keep their kids entertained during their summer break by playing video games

Office Temp Survey

A survey by News Dash reveals that 47% of workers say their office temp is too cold during the Summer. Other findings:

– 17% of workers say their office is too hot during Summer months

– 40% of workers have secretly adjusted their workplace thermostat

– 50% of workers have complained to management about their workplace temperature

Tanned = Sexy

A study by Emory University reveals that tanning makes women look sexier. Researchers used Photoshop to doctor 45 photos of women. The original photos and the doctored, tanner versions were shown to men at different times. Researchers found that the tanned women were twice as likely to be rated as more attractive than those, who were pasty white.

The Summer Vacation Season Is Here … Biggest Beach Annoyances from a survey by the online travel agent On the Beach

1. Beach sales .. 21%

2. Littering … 18%

3. People smoking …

4. Loud music … 12%

5. Reserving sun beds … 11%

6. Insects … 9%

7. Noisy children … 7%

8. Heavy petting … 3%

9. Dogs … 2%

10. Nudity … 1%

Dress Code

A survey by Adecco, an employment services company, reveals that flip flops are the most inappropriate workplace attire for summer followed by miniskirts and strapless tops. 80% of women think miniskirts are inappropriate while only 61% of men agree. 76% of women, as opposed to 55% of men, believe strapless tops are inappropriate.


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