So obviously we started the week off with a really hard season ending loss for the Bears, but the end of this week has been even more brutal for me.  As I may have mentioned before I am a huge fan of tennis and a truly huge fan of one tennis player in particular.  Andy Murray.  If you don’t believe me look at the presents I received one year for my birthday (see above).  Let’s just say I am enthusiastic.


So when yesterday’s heart wrenching announcement of his impending retirement came around, I was truly gutted.   Andy essentially announced that his match against Roberto Bautisto Agut in the first round of next weeks Australian Open could be his last.  He has had terrible issues with his hip and yesterday the former No 1 and three-time slam champion had to recognize that despite increasing his strength, his serious playing days are all but over.  I am desperately hoping he somehow manages to compete at Wimbledon which would be a very fitting place for him to end his career.   He stands with Fred Perry as the greatest Britain has ever had in the world of tennis.  See Wimbledon’s Instagram post below to see how much he means to that tournament.


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To Andy, Whatever happens next, you’ve done more than you know.

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Andy will be 32 in May which in the past was getting close to retirement but when you consider that players like Serena and Roger are getting close to 38 years old, it seems like a painfully early retirement for such a great player.   This is not the way any of the great players wants to go out.

Andy has been getting some amazing support from his fellow players.  Social media has been filled with words of encouragement, but I think Billie Jean said it best …

So today I will be try to move on from being so sad to being more reflective on the amazing moments that Andy had in his career.  Moments like this one from 2016 where my phone didn’t stop ringing with calls from my family in England and we all celebrated our lovely Scottish lad and his amazing Olympic win.