It’s Another Weekend Of High Holidays!

So Sunday is Easter and of course that makes Friday, Good Friday. One should be pious and compliant on Good Friday and thankful and joyous on Easter Sunday, but what about that high holiday in between?  Saturday is 4/20. You know load up a fatty, fire up a doobie, get baked, tea time, torch it up, get blazed, go to bat or batting tips. These are all slang terms for gettin’ high, smokin’ pot (in case you’ve been under a rock somewhere for the last millennium or so). Saturday is April 20, or 4/20, a day that has evolved into a nationwide celebration of marijuana. In the cannabis community, the term 420 is a slang reference to smoking weed. The term reportedly dates back to the 1970s, when a group of Northern California high schoolers began meeting after classes at 4:20 p.m. to light up. Use of “420” gradually spread and grew into a marijuana holiday of sorts on April 20. Corporate America has latched onto the 420 celebrations in various ways, sometimes by using April 20 as a day to promote or launch snack foods that stoners with the munchies might crave.“4/20 has become like a Black Friday kind of holiday for the cannabis market.” Last year, Burger King brought back its spicy chicken nuggets on 4/20, and Lyft offered $4.20 discounts. Conagra, the Chicago-based company behind brands like Healthy Choice and Slim Jims, is launching a special flavor of its Andy Capp’s crunchy snacks for 4/20 this year called “fully baked” Hot Munchies. A street festival unlike any other will be held in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood this weekend: a daylong celebration of weed. That’s where Saturday’s festival called the Waldos Forever Fest, after the group of high schoolers who started the 420 movement  comes in. The festival is in its second year, and will shut down a block of Argyle Street near Clark Street. Organizers expect about 3,000 people to attend, more than doubling last year’s attendance. There will be food trucks and entertainment. Marijuana companies will have their logos on sponsored tents and photo booths, and will pass out swag and educational materials. Grassroots, which plans to roll out a new cannabis concentrate product in conjunction with 4/20, is sponsoring a gaming tent full of vintage arcade games. Sounds like a highly interesting and fun time. Thanks to Ally Mariotti for her great wealth of info in this mornings Trib.

Anybody gotta match?



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