This is not an ad for any particular pharmacy. This is just to give you an idea of what’s been going on in the Jakusz household the last few days.

All four of us had some combination of the flu, cold, sinus infection or some other random infection.

Sunday was the worst for me. I had what I would later find out was Influenza A. I could barely get out of bed. Walking was almost out of the question. I felt a bit better on Monday, but then I was hit with an extra special dose of sinus infection, which I’m still trying to get rid of.

There’s also the possibility that I’m just a little baby when I get sick (like most men are, amiright ladies?), and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’m making it seem. To me though, it was rough!

My wife and two kids are also dealing with after affects of all of this. Its also hard to shake an illness when sleep is interrupted every couple of hours by an equally sick baby. Thank God my wife is a champ!

I know, in the grand scheme of things, I shouldn’t be complaining. There are folks with a lot bigger problems than me! Therefor, I’m back to work and we march on!

From what I hear, we aren’t the only ones. Have you been hit by this as well?