It’s Cold! Go Outside Anyway!

Inspired by this post by Leslie Harris, we decide to use our off day and get the family outside.

We bundled up in our snow gear, drove down to Hammel Woods in Shorewood and hit the trails. I’m a fan of Hammel, especially this DuPage River overlook in the feature photo, but it’s a completely different experience during wintertime. The views are a bit more clear due to the lack of foliage. The trails are iced over, which can be a bit treacherous, but there are steel staircases for a sure-footed climb up/down any steep grades. And if you have a sled, you can certainly pull any unmotivated little ones for a bit more fun and/or exercise.

Our almost-5 year old loved climbing and exploring the woods while our almost-3 year old was – shall we say hot and cold with the whole idea.


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There was even a family using one of the fireplaces inside the pavilion to have a winter-style picnic, which is an AWESOME idea! I think I’ll convince my brother and his family to join me for our own version of one of those very soon!

I know it’s cold, but if you dress appropriately, you can still have some fun outdoors on some of the many trails around the burbs.

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