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It’s Earth Day…how can you help Planet Earth?

Small things really do make a difference when we talk about cleaning up and taking care of Mother Earth!

  1. Help Clean a Beach
  2. Plant a Tree
  3. Buy A Bag for Life
  4. Don’t Eat Meat (something you don’t do will even help)
  5. Walk or Ride a Bike
  6. Give up chewing Gum (the plastic in gum is destructive to our enviroment)
  7. Shop at Local Farmer’s Markets
  8. Buy a reusable Water Bottle
  9. Stop Using Plastic Straws (paper straws are better)
  10. Switch Billing to Paperless

Just 10 easy steps and you could do all of them.  I love what our buddy and owner of Stockholm’s Restaurant-Brewery, Michael Oleson in Geneva is doing.  (see flyer below)

Do your small part to make a big difference today!  Earth Day!

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