It’s Fat Bear Week. Yes, Really

Hi it’s Leslie harris, and today begins Fat Bear Week, and it runs through October 10th.

I guess you would call it kind of a beauty contest for bears, and we get to vote. These are some of the largest brown bears, and they live at Brooks River in Katmai National Park in Alaska.
Of course the bears are getting ready for winter hibernation, so being a fat bear is a good thing.
You can download your bracket, and a bunch of other sportsy things that I don’t understand. (Nick loves sports. Maybe he’ll dig this)
What I do understand is that the bears have been working on their winter bods all summer long, and we get to vote for our favorite Fat Bears. You can even watch the Fat Bears on live cams.
It’s also a fun way to learn about the ecosystem at Katmai. There’s activities for kids too.
Find out more about Fat Bear Week, watch the live cams and make your pics HERE