It’s Kitten Season, And It’s Not Cute.

Hi, this is Leslie Harris. Okay, kittens are cute. Really cute, but kitten season is not.

This past Tuesday, I transported THIRTY SEVEN cats and kittens from high kill shelters to rescue agencies. My teammates transported dozens more, (as well as dozens of dogs) but there’s only so much room.

Healthy cats and kittens are euthanized everyday because there’s just not enough places for them. You can help.

The number one thing you can do is to spay and neuter your pets. Please do not add to this already enormous problem.

If you have any room in your home at all, consider fostering. It could be a small closet or a small bathroom. Kittens don’t need a lot of room, especially since it will be just for a short time. I’m currently fostering this sweet mama and her babies.

If you can’t foster, please consider making a donation to your local shelter. If you don’t know your local shelter, I foster for St Sophia’s Forgotten Felines, and donations are always gratefully appreciated.  We are 100% volunteer-based. You can donate to St. Sophia’s HERE

Please help to put an end to this problem.