It’s Like Having a Newborn Baby!

Hi, this is Leslie Harris in for Nick, and I am sleepy. I have been sleepy all week. The reason being that my husband brought home these little fluff nuggets Monday night.

He found them on our family farm in Indiana. He kept an eye on them for quite some time through a security camera, and mama cat did not come back for them. So my husband went out and bought some kitten formula and a baby animal bottle and bottle fed these guys, but didn’t feel confident to continue it all by himself. Enter Leslie! ‘

Since I have been fostering cats and kittens for the last few years, I have a lot more experience. Based on their weight, I have determined that these three are about 2 weeks old, which means they need to be fed every two to two to four hours, round the clock. Which means, I have to set my alarm for the middle of the night to get up and feed them, just like I did when I had human babies, except I didn’t need an alarm. Which means, that I am verrry tired.

We also get excited by other newborn events like, “they ate so much!” and “THEY POOPED!”

The thing is, these little cuties would have died had my husband not brought them home.

The need for fosters is greater than ever since the pandemic shut down a lot of the spay and neuter programs.

If you are able to foster even one cat or dog, (or more) please check with a rescue agency near you. If you can’t foster, donations are always needed. If you are in the western suburbs, you can contact the agency that I foster for, Saint Sophia’s Forgotten Felines in Wheaton.

Be absolutely certain you are spaying and neutering your pets!

And someone please get me a cup of coffee.