It’s My Birthday and I’ll Laugh If I Want To
Hey it’s Leslie, and yeah, today is my birthday, so I decided to be silly and write a blog about little known facts about me!
I was born in Chicago at Swedish Covenant Hospital, now known as just Swedish Hospital. A Google search reveals that Swedish Hospital only has a two and a half star review. Make of that what you will.
I grew up in Des Plaines Illinois, and attended St. Zachary’s, a fine institution that still stands today. What did Billy Joel say about Catholic girls? I sang with the guitar mass too. A friend recently said to me, “I remember the guitar mass kids being a bunch of hippies.” Yeah, well…
Oh and I still remember a TV commercial where a famous actor pronounced Des Plaines without the s’s, you know French style.
My mom worked for TWA,  so I traveled a lot. For my 8th grade graduation, she told me I could pick anywhere, so I went to Italy, largely because I had crushes on all the Italian boys in school.
Also for my 8th grade graduation, my older sister took me to my first concert, which was Chicago. I cried when I saw the concert tickets. It started a lifelong love of live music.
My high school had a 10 watt radio station, and I ‘worked’ there for 2 years. We mostly had to play easy listening music, because the advisor said our moms were the ones listening. But, that’s when the bug bit me.
I went to NIU for a year and a half, then transferred to Columbia College in Chicago, which no one had ever heard of. (I often had to tell people I was NOT going to Columbia University) My first semester at Columbia, I got an office job at US99. Yep, I worked country! It turned into an on-air position and lasted 4 years. I have worked mostly at rock stations since then.
When my husband and I had been married for only 4 months, he was hired to do a project in Brighton, England. It was the first of three times that we lived in the UK.
I have two great, adult kids, both of whom were born at home. The first one was born in my bed, and the second one was born in a giant tub of water. I know it’s not for everyone, but I do recommend it for those who feel more comfortable at home than in hospital. Plus, I got to have 10 of my closest friends and family with me for the births!
Lemmy from Motorhead once called me when I was working downtown at 103-5 The Blaze! He was delightful.

I’m really grateful to have lived and worked in the Chicagoland area for my entire career, and that is thanks to you. Thank you for continuing to support not just me, but local radio.

I hope we all have a great my birthday!