Today is National Burger Day…or at least that’s what the Google machine tells me! That sounds like a great excuse to order a burger for dinner tonight from your favorite local burger shop instead of cooking and cleaning yourself! For me, I’ll take a Foxfire burger any day of the week…not just because I’m a paid endorser, but also because they are JUST THAT DANG GOOD!!! But, I digress…

A new survey asked Americans all about their burger preferences, and here are the results . . .

  • 73% of people say they like burgers. 18% don’t like them or don’t eat meat.
  • The most popular way to have a burger cooked is . . . well done. 40% of people like it that way, and 20% like them medium well. Only 2% like them rare.
  • The most common toppings people put on burgers are: Cheese . . . ketchup . . . lettuce . . . tomatoes . . . and onions.
  • The least common toppings out of the ones included in the survey are: Thousand Island dressing . . . ranch dressing . . . hot sauce . . . eggs . . . and relish.

My perfect burger:
Pretzel Bun.
Medium angus beef patty.
pepperjack cheese, fried onions for some crunch, bacon and chipotle mayo.
Down the hatch.