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It’s National Cheese Day. Did you know Cheese is as addictive as drugs?

I have to admit…a bar of Cracker Barrel Cheese (Extra Sharp Cheddar) was one of my favorite cheeses growing up.  Like cheese, while I aged, my tastes changed.  I love lots of Cheeses and am almost ready to taste any unless they smell like feet.  See below for the most loved and most hated cheeses on this National Cheese Day.

Top 5 Favorite Cheeses according to a survey By National Today

#1: Cheddar (17%)
#2: Mozzarella (15%)
#3: American (14%)
#4: Pepper Jack (11%)
#5: Provolone (8%)

Top 5 Least Favorite Cheeses according to a survey By National Today

#1: Blue (25%)
#2: Limburger (17%)
#3: Goat (16%)
#4: American (13%)
#5: Swiss (8%)

Cheese Addiction

A study published in the US National Library of Medicine reveals that cheese is as addictive as drugs. Cheese pizza is the most addictive food because it contains casein. During digestion, casein releases opiates.

Dietitian Cameron Wells tells MIC: “Casomorphins really play with the dopamine receptors and trigger that addictive element.”

Grilled Cheese Survey

A survey by National Today reveals that grilled cheese is America’s second favorite food behind pizza. 87% of people like grilled cheese sandwiches.

Cheese Survey #2

Bite Squad recently asked 2,500 people to name their favorite cheesy food dishes in honor of National Cheese Day on June 4th. Cheeseburgers topped the list followed by macaroni and cheese, cheese dip, cheese pizza, cheesecake, cream cheese wontons, cheesesteaks, grilled cheese, cheese curds and quesadillas.

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