It’s National Coffee Day! Here Are Some Stats and Deals!

Today is National Coffee Day, so I guess you should drink even MORE coffee than you usually do. I certainly did! I am a member of the Panera coffee subscription, and while I was there picking up my morning joe I overheard someone mention it was national coffee day! With that in mind, I drove over to my local coffee shop (shout ot to Krema in downtown Plainfield!) to get yet another cup of coffee, which is currently warmly waiting in an insulated cup for me to finish my first!

I strongly urge you to support your local independent coffee shop today! That said, there are a lot of places offering deals on coffee today.

Most places that sell coffee have some kind of deal going on today, including free coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme . . . $1 coffee at 7-Eleven . . . and a free drink in the future if you buy a coffee at Starbucks.  (Here’s a full list of deals.)

And here are a few coffee stats for you in honor of the holiday . . .

1.  75% of the caffeine that Americans take in comes from coffee.

2.  66% of women and 62% of men drink coffee every single day.

3.  The average coffee drinker puts down three coffees a day.

4.  Americans drink approximately 146 billion cups of coffee every year.