Junk Food Junkies rejoice! It is National French Fry Day!

I love french fries.  McDonalds still have the best in my opinion.  Chick-fil-A should get a nod as well.  But I have a few inquiries to ask.

What local places have great fries? And what is the best way to enjoy them? As an example…the Nacho fries at Taco Bell are delicious.  Outback Steakhouse also has the loaded fries with melted cheese, bacon and ranch dressing.  May not be the healthiest thing to eat but…They are SOOOOO good!

And if any of you ever decide to try sweet potato fries…or garlic fries…or even truffle fries…you will not regret it.  Trust me.

So enjoy an order of french fries today…from anywhere.  And feel free to offer suggestions on where I can try some local favorites.

~ Tim Thomas