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It’s National Hot Dog Day! What do you put on your dog?

I’m a mustard/relish/celery sale guy…my wife likes hers with more like a Chicago dog.  I like the bun toasted on occasion but it has to be a New England Style bun!  Here are some facts about the Hot Dog!

JJ’s Red Hots recently surveyed customers to find out the most popular hot dog toppings. Mustard topped the list followed by chili, relish, sauerkraut, onions, cheese, bacon, tomatoes, salsa and ketchu.

A survey by the organic meat company Applegate reveals that 43% of people are scared to know what ingredients are in their hot dogs. Other findings:

– 33% of people avoid eating hot dogs because they believe they are made with low quality meats and fillers

– 70% of people say ‘less is more’ when looking at a hot dog’s ingredients label

– 24% of Millennials never eat or buy hot dogs

– 61% of people say mustard is their favorite hot dog topping

A survey by reveals that 92% of Americans have bought a package of hot dogs in the past year. Other findings:

– 71% of hot dog consumers don’t think hot dogs are high quality food

– 85% of hot dog eaters say they would rather buy hot dogs with a ‘shorter ingredient list’

– 68% of hot dog consumers want to know what ingredients are in the hot dogs they are purchasing and how they are processed

A survey by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council reveals that 90% of people eat hot dogs.

Favorite ways to cook a dog …

grilling 63%

steaming 12%

microwaving 9%

fried 8%

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