It’s National Spouses Day! 44% Admit Their Spouse Gets on Their Nerves

Here we go again…instead of celebrating National Spouses Day, we are finding out how they annoy each other?  Maybe there’s some good news below.  Take a peak. (oh yeah, #5 is good)

Happy National Spouses Day to all the married people out there.  But don’t feel too bad, single people.  Spouses are great and all, but also ANNOYING . . .

Someone recently polled 1,000 Americans who are married, and 44% agreed with the statement, “My spouse gets on my NERVES sometimes.”

The most common things that annoy us about our spouse are their selective hearing . . . their snoring . . . and their control freak tendencies.  Here are a few more random stats from the survey . . .

1.  45% of married couples usually celebrate Valentine’s Day in one way or another.  80% say it was a bigger deal before they got married though.

2.  Only 16% said they argue with their spouse on a regular basis.

3.  10% of married people said they love their spouse, but sometimes wish they were single so they could experience dating again.  (Because dating in 2022 is SO fun.)

4.  17% agreed with the statement, “My spouse is a SLOB.”  44% of husbands claimed they usually split chores pretty evenly . . . but only 26% of wives agreed with that.

5.  The things we’re most likely to APPRECIATE about our spouse include:  They’re a hard worker . . . I can be myself around them . . . they make me laugh . . . they’re smart . . . they’re supportive . . . and they’re a great parent.

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