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It’s National Teacher Day! Give a shout-out to a teacher!

I have had many great teachers and some I had small battles with, but each one taught me a lesson.  I think Teachers are amazing and giving people.  They really go all out to make sure we are getting a good education and go way beyond their job description to make it happen.  Give a shout-out to a teacher that made a difference in your life.

Here are some Teacher fun-facts.

– 10% of men have had a romantic dream about a teacher or professor. 6% of women have done the same (YouGov)

– 5% of parents have attempted to suck up to their child’s teacher in order to get their kid a lead role in a school play (Virgin TV)

– 20% of parents would prefer a teacher explain ‘where babies come from’ (Mums Show Live!)

A survey by CBS reveals that 68% of people say teachers are underpaid. Other findings:

– 20% of people think teachers are paid the correct amount

– 5% of people think teachers are paid too much

– 66% of people say grade school teachers have high ethical standards

eBates asked over 1,500 people to name their favorite fictional school teacher. Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid topped the list (29%) followed by Yoda (27%), Dumbledore from Harry Potter (26%), Professor Xavier from X-Men (23%) and Haymitch from The Hunger Games (20%).

A Gallup Poll and Scholastic survey reveals that only 34% of teachers believe their work is valued by society. Other findings:

– 90% of teachers are satisfied with their job

– teachers spend 27 hours a week in the classroom

– 62% of teachers are regularly able to motivate struggling students to take an interest in their work

A survey by the Teacher Support Network reveals that 70% of teachers are so fed up with out-of-control students they have considered quitting their job. Other findings:

– 80% of teachers have suffered stress and depression due to their student’s shocking behavior.

– 90% of teachers believe their student’s behavior has gotten worse since they started their career.

– 33% of teachers think they should be allowed to search pupils for pornography, cigarettes, drugs and alcohol


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