It’s Official: Amazon’s New Grocery Store Concept Coming to South Naperville

Signs, signs, everywhere the signs!

The Amazon Fresh sign is up on the facade of the new Amazon Fresh store ramping up at 3116 S. Rt. 59 near Neuqua Valley HS.

The idea is that you scan a QR code which will activate the costomers Amazon app. Then a special shopping cart tracks which items are put in and taken out of the cart. When you are done shopping, just zip out of the designated Dash Cart lanes and off you go…your connected credit card being automatically charged! Its pretty amazing!

Thanks to Amazon Alexa integration, if you use Alexa to keep your list, the app can even tell you where your items are on the shelf!

If you’d like a deeper dive into the Amazon Fresh grocery store concept, you can check out their blog.

There is a lot of activity there, according to the Trib article, but no opening date has been announced.