Winter time is the best time to catch a glimpse of our national bird right in our own backyard!

You may remember a time back in the 70s when these birds were endangered, but not anymore! One may almost say they are common around here in the winter thanks to our location near Lake Michigan and the natural water features of our area.

A few years ago we hosted a group of listeners on an excursion out to Starved Rock to go bald eagle watching (remind me to talk to someone about bringing that back). It’s probably the most scenic place to watch these huge raptors in person, but it certainly not the only place. If you just head down to a large enough open body of water, you have a decent chance of catching a sighting without having to travel 45 mins west – thought it certainly is worth the drive!

That’s enough of Mitch…

I live relatively close to the Des Plaines River in Plainfield and have actually seen bald eagles from the front porch of my house! You have an even better chance if you can get to a few choice locations around the area. In this super cool piece from our buds at NCTV17 in Naperville (above), they spoke with someone from the Will County Forest Preserve District about where to go and how to optimize your chances at peeping these birds.

In my neck of the woods, Rock Run Rookery in the southern part of Joliet is a great spot, as is any forrested spot along the river. Water is the key.

So next time you need to de-stress from all the political nonsense but still feel some good, old fashioned patriotism…go bald eagle watching near a body of water near you!