Is this brilliant, or are pet owners nuts?  Like here and everywhere else, it’s been hot in Japan this summer.  And it’s causing a new trend to take off.

People are now strapping portable FANS to their cats and dogs.  They’re called “Cool Dog” vests, and a company in Tokyo is selling them.

The owner came up with the idea when she saw how hot and exhausted her chihuahua was when she took him on walks.

Each fan weighs three ounces, and it’s attached to a mesh vest they have to wear.  The vest itself probably makes them a little warmer, but the fan on their back is designed to circulate fresh air through their fur and across their body.

They come in five sizes that fit small to medium-sized dogs, and also cats.

Each one costs around $75, and you can order them online.  But it doesn’t look like they’re shipping to the U.S. yet.